Light it Up With Embroidery

With the right combination of materials and stabilizer, you can embroider on almost anything – even candles!

Battery operated candles
Leaf and acorn designs from Autumn Scrolls
Pumpkin design from Forever Fall
Organza to match the candle color
Water-soluble fabric-type stabilizer
75/11 embroidery needle

Start by hooping two layers of organza and a layer of fabric-type water soluble stabilizer.

Most embroidery machines have a basting function. Run a basting stitch to secure layers of organza and stabilizer in the hoop.

Load the embroidery designs into your machine and stitch them out. I combined multiple designs in one hooping. The pumpkin design contained multiple jump stitches. Be sure to trim between jump stitches as you go.

Periodically remove the hoop between jump stitches and trim them on the back of the embroidery too. Otherwise, it is harder to trim jump stitches after they have been embroidered upon.

When embroidery is finished, remove everything from the hoop and trim each basic shape. Rinse away the fabric-type water soluble stabilizer according the manufacturer’s directions, blot with a paper towel, and let it dry overnight.

I like to rinse just enough away to make the stabilizer disappear but not soak it to remove all of the stabilizer. Keeping some stabilizer in the organza makes it easier to do the final trim and gives the piece a bit of body.

When completely dry, trim away organza close to the embroidery edges being careful to not clip into the designs.

Spread glue on the back of the embroidery and along the edges. Press the embroidery in place on the candle, making sure edges remain flat until they are dry. Add batteries and enjoy!

Quilted Kitchen Pot Holders

Country Kitchen Pot Holders are made using 2 sections which are quilted, pieced, and embroidered In The Hoop. They are then sewn together by machine. They make pretty gifts for many occasions – decorative but also practical items for your home! What’s even better is these designs have a special intro price valid until July 24th 2011 and there is a cute “Home Made” jar top cover FREE with any order from Inspiration Mutz.

Make a Clever Christmas Pocket Scarf

Keep your neck and hands warm with this clever Christmas Pocket Scarf. Make with fleece or any warm fuzzy fabric and use some fun cotton prints for the outside pockets. Decorate the pockets with one of the adorable applique holiday designs.

What’s even better is the Christmas Pocket Scarf set is FREE with any $10 order from Sealed with a Stitch until the end of July 2011!

Bernina Hardanger Tutorial

We can now embroider Hardanger designs with our embroidery machines, provided that the correct fabric, embroidery thread and designs are used. Into Embroidery’s new Artista Hardanger Tutorial will teach you the techniques you need to create Hardanger work. This 18 page tutorial is in pdf format and all the designs you need to complete the tutorial (plus some extras) are included in the download for your use.

Quilted Welcome Door Hanger Project

Inspiration Mutz has a lovely new Quilted Welcome Door Hanger project which consists of two components, both made completely in the hoop; batting, piecing and embroidery. Then simply connect the top and bottom part with some ribbon or cord. No sewing at all, so easy! For the best effect stitch the main design over mylar. The set includes designs in 4 hoop sizes, plus well written illustrated instructions.

Mother’s Love Coasters

Make every day Mother’s Day with these Mother’s Love Coasters from Sealed with a Stitch, featuring timeless designs of mothers-to-be, new moms and moms with kids. The set has detailed instructions for the in-the-hoop coasters with pretty scroll borders, but the designs are also great for greeting cards, adding to a shawl or a linen hankie, creating a small wall-hanging or using as quilt blocks. Think from expectant moms to aunties to grandmothers!

Matryoshka Collection

Learn how to make handy new projects for your home or fabulous gifts for your friends with the amazing new embroidery projects and beautiful design sets on sale now at A Stitch & A Half. For example, the new Matryoshka collection has a cute Hot Water Bottle Cover, Eye Mask and handy Eau de Toilette Bag – each with a special introductory price for a limited time!

Learning New Software Tip

When learning a new program I always hunt for the “undo” button. It usually looks like an arrow pointing to the left, normally located at the top, and it’s in almost every program I have whether it’s embroidery related or not. If I happen to get in a place I didn’t mean to be in a program, I click the “undo” button until I get back to familiar territory (or at least where I started). It helps knowing I have multiple “undo’s” at my disposal and takes some of the fear out of making a mistake. Consequently, I get less frustrated, wind up playing more AND learning more quickly in the program. Try it next time you find yourself some place you didn’t want to be in a program. Let me know how it works for you. =)

Bonnie Welsh

What stabilizer or needle should I use for my embroidery?

Did you know that DensityWorks by Designer’s Gallery has a Project Advisor built right into the program? Did you also know that Studio III has the same Project Advisor built into it? What does the Project Advisor do you say? Well, you choose the type of fabric you’re going to embroider and then it will give recommendations as to which stabilizer to use, what needle type and size to use, the best thread Lose Weight Exercise to use, and even some hooping tips. To access the Project Advisor, simply click on the Project Advisor icon as shown in the DensityWorks screen shot above (Studio III’s Project Advisor icon looks the same on its main page) and make your selections as to what fabric type you’ll be using for your project. The program will then make recommendations for you as to what you need to use for your supplies. Enjoy! =)

Bonnie Welsh
Sew Inspired by Bonnie