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When Can I Resize a Design?

Dear Lodia and others I am contacting you from South Africa.  I have a Bernina Deco 340 and have recently upgraded my software to V6 Editor. I am wanting to know please WHEN and WHEN NOT can a design be ‘resized’.  Given that this facility is part and parcel of the embroidery software and built […]

Janome Tensioning Issues

I bought my MB4 last year right after they came out. I don’t know if I madea good decision or not. I am on my second one. The seller finally gave me a new one because he couldn’t figure out what was wrong with it. I have major trouble with my tension. My top threads […]

How Much does the MB4 Cost?

OK, I have called 3 dealers to get a price on the MB-4 and I keep getting the run around. It’s like I am at an old car dealership and they are trying to get me to pay the highest price they can. I just want to know average price so I can tell my […]

Thread Not Taking Up

Hi, We have an MB4 and have found that the thread doesn’t take up 50% of the time after an auto thread cut between objects. The machine says ‘re-thread and re-start’. Does any one know what might be wrong? Mark.

Bobbin Thread on Janome

I have a Janome 11000 memory craft and an MB4 janome.  I have a question about bobbin thread on these machines.  One of the people that sew indicated you were supposed to use bobbin thread to make your bobbin.  I have always used the thread I sew with in white or black.  Also do the […]

Janome MB4

Hi, I presently have a Janome 350E embroidery machine and I am thinking of purchasing a Janome MB4 embroidery machine. Have you had any input regarding the MB4 from anyone who owns one? – Winnie C Hi Winnie, I own the MB 4. I love the ability of 4 threads and yet have 4 additional […]