Help with software for Pfaff 300e

I recently moved and after I set up my sewing area, I couldn’t find my software to my Pfaff 300e! I have it set up and my computer attached to it. When I click on the icon to my machine, it wants me to insert the cd. Which I can not find! I have spent […]

Pfaff 2140 Communication Problems – Solved

This solved my Pfaff 2140 communication problems – all I had to do was change the baud rate – maybe some of this will help you …. Tech Info from Pfaff – YEA it works. If you are experiencing a No Communications with machine error when attempting to transfer designs to a 2140, 2144, or […]

Pfaff 2170 Folder Listing

Hello Carolyn My son helped me find your blog as I bought the serial to usb cable. I have found most of the nooks and crannies to make the computer talk to the pfaff 2144 (upgraded to 2170). When I pull up the VIP file assistant I am getting an error message ‘error occurred while […]

Pfaff 7570 Conversion

I have a PFAFF 7570 Creative Machine can this be converted to any newer version? Thanks – Miel Hi Miel, Unfortunately no, as this was the last of the Pfaff 7000 series machines. The 2000 series that replaced them started with the 2140 model that could be upgraded to a 2144 and then to a […]

Pfaff Cable & Drivers

Hi Carolyn, I think you have a great site and I am hoping, of all people, you can help me. I purchased a used 2144 last year and it has the 2170 software in it (so the dealer said). The 2144 comes with a cable that has one end intended to go into the 2144 […]

Splitting a Design for the Grand Hoop

Hi, I have a Pfaff 2140 that has been updated to a 2170. I have the 3-D Suite and a Grand Hoop. I recently purchased a 10 inch jacket back pattern that I thought I could split and put in the Grand Hoop to embroider out on a shirt. I’m obviously doing something wrong because […]

Grand Hoop Problems

Please can you help me, for the past 4 months I have been trying to sew a wallhanging project on the Grand Hoop (Pfaff 2170) without success with this script (supplied). I have tried working with Carolyn Duncan’s Sew What Designs also Pfaff Manual, I have moved it every way possible but still no success […]