Husqvarna Viking

Won’t allow me to send more than 1 design

Hi – I recently purchased the 5d embroidery software to try to fix some issues my Mother was having with her 4d software. She has a Designer SE and she loves the machine very much. Unfortunately we cant say the same about the software. One of the biggest problems we were experiencing was when we […]

Remove Corrupted Font from 5D Embroidery

I have a question I would like to ask on the blog – how to remove a corrupted font (one I created) from 5D Embroidery – but I cannot find any information on what I need to do to be able to do this. Hi, I assume that you have made the font with QuickFonts. The […]

How to Move your Thread List

Please tell me how to move my thread list and design organizer from 4D to 5D without manually re-entering all that info. I thought it would transfer but it didn’t. Thank you, Susan. Hi Susan, I assume that you still have your  4D installed. In 4D configure you need to go to Backup My settings. […]

Autodigitizing 4.0 & Windows 7

I have a new laptop with Win7 and have installed Autodigitizing version 4.0.  After restarting the laptop, I click on the autodigitizing icon, and it keeps giving me the error, “E020C — Dongle not found. Please attach it.”  The dongle is in the USB port, so I am not sure what to do.  Please help.  […]

A new Diamond update is due soon!!!

Husqvarna Viking has made available an upgrade: Version 9.3 for the 5D Embroidery Software. You can choose to update direct via your smart update option in 5D configure. I chose to download the files separately via the Husqvarna Viking Website. Under ‘Updates and Technical’ select the 5D Embroidery option. I used this pathway and had […]

Writing Multiple Designs

Hello, I have  an H-V #1+ and I just purchased the 4D reader/writer kit to use with my machine.  I am able to write one design at a time to the card but that is a pain when I am trying to write alphabets!  When I am in the organizer, I select all of the […]

Installing Fonts in 4D

I own the 4d software and am trying to install or import fonts that I got online. I unzip the package and all the fonts are there but how do I install or import them to the 4d program so it will see them? The fonts work if I double click on a single letter […]

3D Embroidery (Update for Windows 7 Users)

If you have recently changed computers and are having problems using your 3D Embroidery…Here is what I have found to help make it work – I have a PFAFF 2144. I had to purchase 4D FILE ASSISTANT CD from my local sewing store. It was only $5. First I needed to go to 1. […]

VIP won’t write to card

I’ve been reading for days now and can’t find anyone with a solution.  I have the VIP software installed on a new computer.  The dongle works the computer even sees the read/writer and I have a card that has a couple of old designs on it .. however .. I can’t get the software to […]