Won’t allow me to send more than 1 design

Hi – I recently purchased the 5d embroidery software to try to fix some issues my Mother was having with her 4d software. She has a Designer SE and she loves the machine very much. Unfortunately we cant say the same about the software. One of the biggest problems we were experiencing was when we tried to send more than one design per session. What I mean is when my mother finished a design, or changed her mind she was no longer able to send another one. We would only be able to send the first design and after that it kept telling us that another application is sending to the machine. Most of the time it wouldnt even send the design. I tried restarting the software and my machine and nothing worked. I had to restart my computer to be able to send another design to my machine. So I went to my local Viking Dealer and I spoke to them about my problem. The sales person assured me that if I bought 5d this problem would not exist. So I spent the $400 and I bought the 5d software. Lone-behold its the same problem again. I have tried every update and tweak on my computer and machine that I can think of. Help me please!!


I seldom use the send option preferring to transfer the design to the machine memory fully.  It is my understanding of the Send function that it will transfer a design to the temporary memory only. You may need to delete it from the sewing machine  before it can send another design.  Which machine are you sending to?

Carolyn Duncan

Remove Corrupted Font from 5D Embroidery

I have a question I would like to ask on the blog – how to remove a corrupted font (one I created) from 5D Embroidery – but I cannot find any information on what I need to do to be able to do this.


I assume that you have made the font with QuickFonts. The location of the font that you have made will vary depending on the windows platform that you are running.

If it is Windows 7 then the fonts you have made will be in the folder C:\ProgramData\VSMSoftware\5DEmbroidery\Fonts\MyFonts.

If you  are running Vista  then try C:\Users\AllUsers\VSMSoftware\5DEmbroidery\Fonts\MyFonts.

If you are running XP then go to C:\documents and settings\AllUsers\application data\VSMSoftware\5DEmbroidery\Fonts\MyFonts.

They may be hidden, so if you do not see these files you will need to go to Start/control panel/folder options/view and tick show hidden files and folders and display the contents of system folders. Click apply.

Once you delete it from the MY fonts location it will disappear from the Embroidery software.

Carolyn Duncan

How to Move your Thread List

Please tell me how to move my thread list and design organizer from 4D to 5D without manually re-entering all that info. I thought it would transfer but it didn’t. Thank you, Susan.

Hi Susan,

I assume that you still have your  4D installed. In 4D configure you need to go to Backup My settings. This will create a Zip file of any threads , motifs etc that you had in 4D. Remember to save it to a location that you can find it again. Then in 5D configure go to Restore my Settings and find the zip file.  Just follow the prompts and all should be well.

It is a good idea to make a zip file of your settings and store in an external source as you just never know when your computer might take a dive.  I TRY to back up everything on my computer monthly!  If you delete the 4D software without making a Backup of the Settings then you have lost that information.

Carolyn Duncan

Autodigitizing 4.0 & Windows 7

I have a new laptop with Win7 and have installed Autodigitizing version 4.0.  After restarting the laptop, I click on the autodigitizing icon, and it keeps giving me the error, “E020C — Dongle not found. Please attach it.”  The dongle is in the USB port, so I am not sure what to do.  Please help.  Thanks, Helga

Hi Helga,

Autodigitizing was designed to run on XP and it was discontinued before the newer platforms so it does not have a dongle drivers for Vista or Windows 7.  I run my Autodigitizing on an older laptop that runs  XP.

Your only option on your new computer is to segment the drive and run XP on one part of the computer and  Windows 7 on the remainder.

Autodigitizing is not supported any longer as there was some sort of  issue between the developers and VSM.  It evolved into Generations as independent software. Which means that most of the older Generations tutorials on the net can be used with Autodigitizing.  It was unfortunate as the software is great.

This link has an old Vista fix for the generations dongle. Could be worth a try but I think that Windows 7 may not be happy with it?

Carolyn Duncan

A new Diamond update is due soon!!!

Husqvarna Viking has made available an upgrade: Version 9.3 for the 5D Embroidery Software.

You can choose to update direct via your smart update option in 5D configure. I chose to download the files separately via the Husqvarna Viking Website.

Under ‘Updates and Technical’ select the 5D Embroidery option. I used this pathway and had no problems at all.  I prefer to keep a copy on file of the download so that I can transfer it to my laptop without the need for another big download.

There are two downloads available. If you have the 5D Embroidery software you need the 5D System 9.3 Update 700Mg download.  If you only have one or more of the add on modules you need the smaller 5D Inspira System 9.3 update.  As this is a fairly large download I suggest that you start the download just as you go to bed and it should be waiting for you in the morning.  Downloading at night means it is less likely to be interrupted. I have Firefox as my browser and all went perfectly.

Once you have the download then all you have to do is to install it.  I run Windows 7 and did the install with Norton antivirus on and the dongle in position.  Absolutely no dramas at all!

However it is recommended that you turn off the User Account controls and antivirus software while doing the install.

If you have Microsoft Security Essentials it will need to be turned off during the install – look in the system tray down by the time in the bottom right hand corner of your screen. (You may need to open up the hidden icons.)  Select the green, house type icon. Hover the cursor over that icon, a pop up comes up that says “computer status – protected.” Double click the icon to open the Microsoft Security Essentials

Click the Settings Tab.

In the list on the left, click “Real-time protection” (third item down from
the top of the list) – UNCHECK “Turn on real-time protection.” But DO remember to turn it back on!


If you are running an older version of some graphics software you may find that your computer thinks that the update is for them as the update is a .msp file.

If this is the case and it wants to open up as an older graphics file and not 5D Embroidery:

– Exit the install
– Open Windows Explorer.
– Browse to the location where you saved the Update Version 9.3.msp file.
– Right click on that file.
– Move your mouse over the Open With option.
– Select Windows® installer from the list.
– The installation should now start normally.


If you find that you get a dongle error after the install then reinstall the dongle off the original 5D DVD.

1. Right click and choose “Explore” to show the contents of the 5D Pro DVD.

2. Open the Technical folder.

3. Open the Dongle folder.

4. Open the Dongle Driver folder.

5. Make sure that the HASP is inserted in the USB port and active.

6. Run Firmwareupdate.exe. Click one time on Apply update.

You will get a message that the update is successful. Dongle should work perfectly as long as the driver is installed.

Alternatively you can download the latest approved drivers following the steps below.

Latest HASP Driver for Windows 7/Vista/XP

1. Download the latest HASP dongle drivers from here.

2. A file download box will appear. Click on “Save” or “Save as”

3. When the “Save as” window appears, from the “Save in” dropdown box select “Desktop.” Then click the “Save” button.

4. Double-click on the 4DWin7DongleUpdate.exe file to start the installation process for the dongle.


Once you have completed the upgrade you will see that there is now a Purchase Centre button in 5D Embroidery.

You can get three free fonts – Click on the button and select ‘Fonts’. There are three free fonts in the Revue group; Patchwork, Spiral fill and Motif. The rest you gotta purchase! But there are six new fonts included in the update.

When you click on the ‘Download for Free’ button you have to jump through a few hoops to prove you are a registered owner and then you can download them.

Once downloaded they can be installed and will be available in the Fonts section of 5D Embroidery. One in Modern and two in Multicolor.
To find out what is new in this update go to All Programs/5D Embroidery/Readme/5D Embroidery system Version 9.3 March 2011.

Six new fonts, one new mini design and two new frames for starters.  If you have Design Creator there is a new fill type and support for the cutwork needles.

Carolyn Duncan

Writing Multiple Designs


I have  an H-V #1+ and I just purchased the 4D reader/writer kit to use with my machine.  I am able to write one design at a time to the card but that is a pain when I am trying to write alphabets!  When I am in the organizer, I select all of the designs I wish to write to the card and click “send 1” it sends only the last one of the selection.  If I select multiple designs and click “File>Send multiple” It says “Communication has not been established with the machine, please ensure machine is on and all cables are connected properly”  I don’t know that I have the ability to connect directly with my machine, why can’t I just write all my designs to the card?

Installing Fonts in 4D

I own the 4d software and am trying to install or import fonts that I got online. I unzip the package and all the fonts are there but how do I install or import them to the 4d program so it will see them? The fonts work if I double click on a single letter or symbol it will open the 4d program and the font appears on the screen, its very difficult to use it this way, is there a way to install or import the font to 4d?

Thank you – Paul

Hi Paul,

If you are referring to a collection of letters that someone else has digitized then you can only open these as single designs into 4D and then align them as words.  You cannot import already embroidered fonts into the 4D font folders.  Nor can you align them using the Font Line type options.

It is really easy to create an endless supply of your own fonts by downloading true type fonts. Your first step is to install them in the Windows font file on your main drive.

Once this is done they will be available for you to use to create your own fonts in the QuickFonts option in 4D Embroidery.  You can find this on the Letters tab.  Once they are generated into embroidery fonts they will be accessible through the MY Fonts Folder on the letter tab of 4D Embroidery.  They will be treated like any other font in the 4D Software. 

Carolyn Duncan

3D Embroidery (Update for Windows 7 Users)

If you have recently changed computers and are having problems using your 3D Embroidery…Here is what I have found to help make it work – I have a PFAFF 2144. I had to purchase 4D FILE ASSISTANT CD from my local sewing store. It was only $5.

First I needed to go to http://www.aladdin.com/support/hasp/hasp4/enduser.asp

1. Download the HASP HL Device Driver GUI Installation file (first one in the table)
2. Extract the saved file (HASP_User_Setup.zip) by double clicking on it. Note the location you are extracting to.
3. Make sure your dongle is NOT attached to your computer and run the extracted file.


4. Reboot your computer.
5. Plug your dongle in and open the 3D Embroidery software.

Install your 4D File Assistant & VSM Generic Driver. Now to retrieve your design:

1. Double click 4D File Assistant
2. Plug in the sewing machine and turn it on.
3. Click on the PURPLE machine in the upper right corner.
4. Find your design in the 3D Embroidery. All designs should come up in the center under file name.

Click on the file you want to stitch it should show up in the bottom left. Then click the right Arrow to send it to the machine.

5. After it transfers to the machine:

(a.) Touch the menu button
(b.) Touch the embroidery button
(c.) Touch the small menu button at the upper right side.
(d.) Touch the card/machine button, then the machine.
(e.) Touch the right arrow button until your design appears, then touch the design. Touch ok!

Stitch your design!!!!

You may need to remove unused designs from the machine to have room enough to do more designs. To clean out the machine:

1. Touch main menu button
2. Touch Data Manager
3. Touch the design you want to delete
4. Touch the eraser in the 2nd box
5. Touch ok if that’s the design you want deleted.

I hope this works for you, Happy Sewing.


VIP won’t write to card

I’ve been reading for days now and can’t find anyone with a solution.  I have the VIP software installed on a new computer.  The dongle works the computer even sees the read/writer and I have a card that has a couple of old designs on it .. however .. I can’t get the software to write to the card.  It asks if I want to erase and I say yes, then it gives an error message .. can’t write to card .. Any suggestions would be appreciated.  The sewing machine is a Rose.The software is 6.2 ver of VIP Customizing and 6.0 VIP Digitizing software.  The operating system is Window Home Ver XP. – Richard

Hi Richard,

When you have a problem like this it is always the new computer’s settings that are the problem.

I have heard of a number of issues with the reader writers and computers. Your computer sees the unit which is a good sign but since the transfer will not work the problem is in the computers BIOS settings.   I suspect you have a conflict.  (Even though your system will not state it)

What you need to do is to get someone who is REALLY good with computer hardware to remove parts like your sound card , video card etc one by one until the transfer is successful.  In my case it was the sound card causing a non-existent conflict with transfer.  My son changed the BIOS settings and all was well.  Do Not Touch the BIOS settings unless you really know what you are doing as it is locked away for good reason.

I suspect the problem is not with the software or unit but your computer.  Keep at the store that you bought the computer from and get their techs to fix it.

Good luck

Carolyn Duncan