Husqvarna Viking

Unusable grey icon

I have the Viking 4D Embroidery Extra program running on Windows Vista.  In the program the icon to “view embroidery designs” turns grey as soon as I click on it. So I can’t view my designs Any suggestions?

3D Reader/Writer Box with Windows 8

Hi all, My XP computer died and I have a new Windows 8 computer. I use 3D organiser and a reader/writer box to transfer designs to my machine, I use Embird for everything else. Have installed both the 3D and Embird and both are working fine but am not able to transfer designs to the […]

Control Panel

PLEASE HELP!! I have an older model Customizing Program in which I have lost the controls for lettering and shapes(I can still see the design and edit tab), from the control panel. I know I clicked the wrong thing and they just went away, but I can not bring them back. I am using the […]

Installing 3D with Vista/Windows 7

For all those who are still struggling to install 3D with Windows 7 – here’s what worked for me. I have the Professional full version of 3D and recently upgraded to Windows 7. Initially, I couldn’t find the “patch file” for the dongle. What I discovered is that the link to the patch file is […]

HV Iris 600 & VIP Queries

I own a Husqvarna Viking Iris 600 and a VIP Customizing Embroidery System. BUT my computer runs on Windows Vista. What is the best option for me? I considered switching my operating system to XP, but my laptop doesn’t have a port for the dongle. Additionally, I’d prefer to keep the VIP Customizing because I […]

5D design creator stitch problems

Hi I am having problems with some of the stitches when I create a design. I am working on a fleur de lis design and I have the stitch length set on 2.6 and I have a line running through it with stitches that are longer how can I correct this? I have tried everthing […]

4D Sketch on Windows 7

I am attempting to install Husqvarna 4D sketch. I have a new computer with Windows 7 and am trying to install it using the 5D Embroidery system dongle. I have read that you can’t install 4D sketch using windows 7 without segmenting the hard drive. Unfortunately this is not possible. Is there talk of a […]

Viking #1 Instructions?

I have a Viking #1 / 1250 that has never been used are there any instructional videos available for it so i can learn to use it? – Dolly Hi Dolly, Our tutorials are mainly for the embroidery software you use on your computer, rather than specific machines. If you need an instruction manual for […]