Welcome to “It’s Sew Easy” by SewAZ. This will be my “Secretsof”  blog about easy projects from SewAZ Designs.

But first I want to tell you about something else……..

It’s sew easy to say  “Maybe, I’ll do it tomorrow.”

It’s sew easy to say  “Someone else will do it.”

It’s sew easy to say  “I don’t want to, if someone already belongs.”

It’s sew easy to say  “It’s not my responsibility.”

It’s sew easy to say  “I’ll leave it to someone else to stand up for this cause.”

What is not easy is to do is to get or die from cancer. Everyone around the world is affected by cancer in its many forms. My grandfather died from leukemia, bother-in-law from brain cancer. My dad and my husband fight malignant skin cancers. One of my sister-in-laws and one of my oldest friends fought the hard fight and are breast cancer survivors, along with women and men all around the world.

Many of us in the worldwide embroidery community are joining five brave and generous women from around the globe in their grassroots campaign to fight breast cancer. It’s called Stitching For Pink.

Stitching for Pink is a digital campaign that will take place worldwide. Embroiderers from all over the world can participate in this campaign. No matter where you are. The embroidery community is very large worldwide and their mission is to unite embroiderers to join us in the fight.

This is a fundraiser for The National Breast Cancer Foundation and the $5.00 donation goes directly to them, with no stops in between.  You get free access to great “pink” designs with which to create beautiful t-shirts for your own groups to wear on Stitching For Pink’s very first T-shirt mania day, October 30, 2010.

Even if you cannot afford $5.00 you can still join. The embroidery community has many generous members who have already paid for you to join in this fight.

For more information please check our website www.stitchingforpink.org

Or email support@stitchingforpink.org

Remember, it really is sew easy to do the right thing.

As always thank you for your time and remember to join Stitching For Pink.