3D Embroidery (Update for Windows 7 Users)

If you have recently changed computers and are having problems using your 3D Embroidery…Here is what I have found to help make it work – I have a PFAFF 2144. I had to purchase 4D FILE ASSISTANT CD from my local sewing store. It was only $5.

First I needed to go to http://www.aladdin.com/support/hasp/hasp4/enduser.asp

1. Download the HASP HL Device Driver GUI Installation file (first one in the table)
2. Extract the saved file (HASP_User_Setup.zip) by double clicking on it. Note the location you are extracting to.
3. Make sure your dongle is NOT attached to your computer and run the extracted file.


4. Reboot your computer.
5. Plug your dongle in and open the 3D Embroidery software.

Install your 4D File Assistant & VSM Generic Driver. Now to retrieve your design:

1. Double click 4D File Assistant
2. Plug in the sewing machine and turn it on.
3. Click on the PURPLE machine in the upper right corner.
4. Find your design in the 3D Embroidery. All designs should come up in the center under file name.

Click on the file you want to stitch it should show up in the bottom left. Then click the right Arrow to send it to the machine.

5. After it transfers to the machine:

(a.) Touch the menu button
(b.) Touch the embroidery button
(c.) Touch the small menu button at the upper right side.
(d.) Touch the card/machine button, then the machine.
(e.) Touch the right arrow button until your design appears, then touch the design. Touch ok!

Stitch your design!!!!

You may need to remove unused designs from the machine to have room enough to do more designs. To clean out the machine:

1. Touch main menu button
2. Touch Data Manager
3. Touch the design you want to delete
4. Touch the eraser in the 2nd box
5. Touch ok if that’s the design you want deleted.

I hope this works for you, Happy Sewing.


16 thoughts on “3D Embroidery (Update for Windows 7 Users)”

  1. Dee, I can’t find a 4D File Assistant software CD. Can you get me one from your local store, and send it to me? I will gladly pay for it and the shipping. thanks.

  2. We have a Pfaff 2124 and a 3D file Assistant with Creative Smart Card station also we have purchased a new PC with windows 7 and I am looking for a driver to opperate the software on it.

    Rosemary & Robert

  3. 3D version 7.25 (can download update to earlier versions from the Husqvarna website) works on a 64 bit computer (like a Dell Inspiron laptop) running Windows 7 Home Premium. The major hurdle is getting the drivers for the dongle. Each dongle (there are more than one) requires its own drivers compatible with your operating system (Windows 7, Vista, et al). Our dongle is purple and is embossed: RAINBOW SuperPro. There is more info printed on the other side but it was not needed. The driver was downloaded from their website (www.rainbow.com click on support drop down tab, get the driver for your operating system). This dongle is our second – it replaced the original gray one that came with the Designer One. The purple dongle was required when we got the larger hoop. Hopefully, your dongle has the makers name on it and you can get the appropriate driver from their website. Rainbow drivers probably won’t work with other dongles so be sure to get the drivers for your dongle.

  4. Dee,I have a Pfaff 2144/2170 and I can’t find a 4D File Assistant software CD. Can you get me one from your local store, and send it to me? I will gladly pay for it and the shipping. Thanks.

  5. Some 3D users have had success installing the software with Vista or Windows 7 by downloading the drivers listed in the PDF file called Installing Husqvarna Viking Software on Windows 7, available to download free from the Secrets website here.

    Margaret Hardwick-Smith

    Customer Support
    at Secrets of Embroidery

  6. Are the Pfaff dongles and the HV dongles interchangeable? I need a purple dongle(mine broke) for my VIP Customizing and have found a purple dongle from Pfaff Creative Suite…….will that work?

  7. I have Windows 7, 32-bit. Have loaded 4D and all updates. Have latest update for my Pfaff 2144 (2170). Have located and assigned Com 4 port, and selected that to Xfer designs to my machine. Have USB to serial port adaptor which worked fine with Windows XP. Cannot, for the life of me, transfer design files to my embroidery machine. Help!

  8. Hello,
    My dongle got cracked. I am not sure how but it did. Is there a way I can get it replaced at no cost?
    Thank you Debby

  9. I am looking for a 3D suite (new) embroidery program to work with the Pfaff 2170 machine. Up till now I have been working with 3D embroidery which works perfectly with my purchased 4D File Assistant. But since Mom (due to her age) does not want to spent much more I am searching for the 3D Suite. Where can I find reasonable priced 3D Suite dongles.

    Hi there,
    Unfortunately, you won’t find a new 3D, as this is now rather old Husqvarna/Viking software that has been superseded by 4D, 5D and now 6D. If you need an alternative, with the Pfaff 2170 you could use the Embird embroidery editing program, along with Ultimate Box and Card to transfer designs from computer to machine. If you would like more information, just check our website, or contact our office.

    Secrets of Embroidery

  10. My computer crashed and in the midst of the move I have lost my 3D software. Is there anyway I can get a copy of the installation disk without having to purchase a new one? I just need the software, I have my dogle. I need HELP. Thanks

  11. I am trying to get my Husqvarna 3D Pro software to work on windows7, I uploaded everything but the dongle and d-card reader/writer will not work,
    Says no HASP found, any help would be appreciated.


  12. Does anyone know how to install card reader/writer on Windows 8? 3D embroidery works fine, I just updated the dongle software, but 4D organizer card writer does not work at all.


  13. I’m hoping someone can point me in the right direction — I’m trying to help my Mother (she is not computer literate).

    She has a Husqvarna 950E with a d-Card USB Reader (I see it mentioned in the thread, but no clear answers). Mom would like to use Embird with her Husqvarna, but we can’t figure out how to get files from her PC (edited in Embird) onto the USB d-Cards so that they can be read by her machine…She is using Windows 8.

    Can anyone point us in the right direction?

  14. I have purchased a used Pfaff 2124 but I have a computer with Windows 8. I’ve installed the VIP File Assistant and the 3D program but my computer will not recognize my creative smart card station. Does anyone know what I can do to fix this?

  15. I have found the easy free fix

    To download Machine Communications software for your machine,

    Go to http://new.pfaff.com
    Place your cursor on Support & Updates on the black banner.
    A menu of options appears just below the black banner. Click Complimentary Software.
    On the following page, at the bottom of the description for the Complimentary Software Download, click the Go to download page (PC) link toward the bottom of the page. Note that this link looks like regular text until you put your cursor on it and it turns red.
    Log in, or register, if you have not registered before.
    Choose the 5D communications software, which is also compatible with Windows 7.
    Click the file to start the download, choose Save or Save As, rather than Run. The files are large, and takes some time to download.
    Please use this information when installing:

    When the download has completed, run the file, which will bring up and installation menu.
    You will need to install the 5D Embroidery Machine Communication software at the top of the list,
    Use the installation code 8200
    and the VSM drivers appropriate to your computer — either 32- or 64-bit is more important than the operating system in this case.

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