Save Embird Thread Colors

I have had to reinstall Embird quite a few times and each time I had to reinstall all of my thread colors. Do you by any chance know how I can find the file of my thread colors so I can save it and reinstall it when I reinstall Embird?

Thanks, in advance, for any help you can provide.

Hi Gina – This is what you need to do in order to save and reinstall your marked threads.

When you mark threads in a catalogue, your changes are recorded in a config file in the Embird32/Embird64 folder. This file is nitfy.ini and it stores your marked threads.

If you want to transfer your marked threads to a new version of Embird then you should copy the nitfy.ini file from your Embird32/Embird64 folder onto a removable media such as a USB drive or save it on your hard drive. Then paste this file into the same folder in Embird32/Embird64 folder on your computer after re-installing and you will have the the marked threads back in Embird when you re-open the program.

Always keep a copy of this file in a safe place.

Carolyn Keber
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PE Design Plus Digitizing

I have PE-Design Plus and have scanned a logo for my organization and wanted to embroider the logo on an item I am making. I used the photo section and the logo comes out awful. I wanted to have it come out in a zigzag stich and instead it is more of a mess of stiches. What would you suggest? Is this the wrong software to use? I got the software with my brother machine and am now researching if this was the best program for me.

Hi there – I don’t have PE Design Plus but I have used all the PEDS programs up to and including PE Design Version 8.
PEDS Plus is a lighter version of PE Design Next. Unfortunately for you if you wish to create logos and such you will need to upgrade to PE Design Next as it has full digitizing capabilities. As far as I can see PE Design Plus is very limited in what it can do and it’s major attraction is the Photostitch option but as you’ve found Photostitch only creates scribble type designs where the stitches are all over the show. If you wish to create satin stitches then you’ll need to upgrade to the PEDS Next. Alternatively you could look at another digitizing program such as Embird which I highly recommend.
However you should do a costing first as it may not cost a lot to upgrade to PEDS Next. I am not sure what arrangement Brother have re upgrading the software type. But if it’s more than $300 I would advise you to seriously consider Embird as not only does it have a great editing module but it also had a wonderful digitizing module. Secrets of Embroidery have all the prices for Embird on their web-site. You would need Embird Basic and Digitizing Tools ( Embird Studio) in order to
do what you wish to do.

Carolyn Keber
Tutorials for Embird and PE Design