HV Iris 600 & VIP Queries

I own a Husqvarna Viking Iris 600 and a VIP Customizing Embroidery System. BUT my computer runs on Windows Vista. What is the best option for me? I considered switching my operating system to XP, but my laptop doesn’t have a port for the dongle. Additionally, I’d prefer to keep the VIP Customizing because I have Crown Plus Collection CD-ROM (part #756 200100) that I’d like to be able to use with it. (I’m not sure it would be compatible with other embroidery systems.)

Another question: the ready-to-go embroidery cards, which I plug directly into my machine, seem to work fine, at least electronically. But today when I tried out one of the designs, the stitching started out fine but then started to get sloppy and the needle seemed to get stuck in one section of the fabric and wouldn’t move on. The tension and stitch length were all set to normal. When I took it off the machine, I noticed the fabric wasn’t taut on the hoop. It seems it had loosened the fabric as it stitched. How do you combat this?



Hi Janie,

If you want to keep the VIP software you are going to need to run XP. What some people do is to divide the drive and have both operating systems running on it. But this does take up a lot of space. I would suggest you get a cheap laptop and have XP installed on that. Dongel ports are an issue as the old ones do not exist anymore. I would suggest that you get an Ultimate Box and use this instead of the reader writer. This comes with it’s own software that is compatible with any designs.

It sounds like either the fabric moved in the hoop or the stitch density or needle caused the fabric to move. I would try a new needle preferably a topstitch or titanium embroidery needle and redo the design with a good stabilizer and making sure that the hoop is nice and tight. If the design is very dense it can cause problems and may need added stabilizer to help it to stitch out correctly.

You can purchase a product called “Hoop ease” to give added grip but I just make one out of the non slip fabric to go under rugs.

Kind regards,

Carolyn Duncan

Splitting Big Designs in PE Design Lite

Hello, I have a Brother Innov 950 and use PE-Design Lite. Is there a possibility to split big (5×7) patterns in 4×4? Can you explain it me please? I use patterns in pes.

Thanks a lot.


Hi Wil,

PE Design Lite does not have a splitting command in the program. The program is a very basic program and only allows color changes, changes to the sewing order etc. You can open designs, add text to them, import further elements (if they fit in your hoop) and then save them into one file and stitch them. However you cannot split designs that are 5×7 so that they fit into your 4×4 hoop, I am sorry.

If you wished to use a 5×7 design in your 4×4 hoop you would need to get the designer that created the design that you wish to use, to split it for you and send you the design in parts. I am sorry to give you such bad news.

Have you ever consider the Embird program? This program is inexpensive compared to other embroidery software and would allow you to split the designs for your machine. Embird is available for a 30 day or 100 uses (whichever comes first) free trial and is available for download from Secrets of Embroidery. It’s a wonderful program and once you have learnt it you’ll be amazed at how much the program can do. I think it would be the perfect answer for you and your embroidery.

I hope that helps.

Kind regards
Carolyn Keber
Step by Step Tutorials for all Embird programs and for PE Design

View All Designs in Embird

At one time on Manager you could view all designs and at the bottom of designs was a place that you could tick that told you how many pages there were of designs and you could print them. You had the option of printing either odd pages or even so that you could print both sides of a page. You also had the option of going to any page. Now I can’t find it.

I think that you may have your Process Panel command in Manager turned off.

In Embird Manager go to Options on the Menu Bar and move down to Show Process Panel and left mouse click on it. The Process Panel will then appear and you’ll have the option to Print and you’ll also be able to see how many pages of designs are open etc.

I hope that helps.  Best of luck.

Carolyn Keber
Step by Step Tutorials for all Embird programs and for PE Design

Bernina 630 and Embird

Hello. I am upgrading from a Bernina Deco 600 to a Bernina 630. Yippee. However, I do have several PES files that I have purchased. I do have Embird v8 (ok… I took a break from embroidery stuff while raising 3 sons and now baby is off to college and I have time to sew again) Anyway, I plan to upgrade to newest Embird and was wondering if I can use Embird to convert PES files to EXP or DST to use with the 630.

Thank you so much!

Mary Alice 🙂

You can certainly use Embird to convert your PES files to EXP or DST. The only format Embird can’t convert to is ART, as Bernina holds the rights to this format.

You can purchase your upgrade to the latest version of Embird from here.  Once you receive your new password, uninstall your old Embird, then download Embird 2012 from here  and enter your password to register the program according to the instructions that come with your password email.

If you have any problems, just send us an email and we will be happy to assist.

The Team @ Secrets of Embroidery