Digitize a Small Cross in Embird

Hi Carolyn, I am trying to digitize a small cross 1 1/2 cm long. I managed to do the cross but I can’t work out how to make it do a satin stitch. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have all your books but I am still at a loss.

Thank you – Gloria

Hi Gloria

If you digitised the cross in Studio then you should be able to easily convert your existing cross into a Satin Stitch object – as long as you have saved your original file as an EOF file.

Here’s what you need to do:

Open Studio.

Go to Design/Open.

Move to the folder where you saved the EOF file and select it.

Click Open.

With the object selected on the Design Page move to the Object Order screen on the right of the page and right mouse click.

Choose Ungroup if you had previously Grouped the objects in the file (if there were more than one object in the design) – otherwise skip this step if you have not Grouped the design.

In the Object Order screen select the object that you wish to change to satin stitch.

Go to Convert on the Menu Bar and choose Create Column from Fill.

Delete the original object.

Generate the stitches and check the result in 3D. If there are gaps in the stitches then the satin stitch is too wide and you’ll need to decrease the width of the stitches.

You can select the object and go to Transform on the Menu Bar and choose Change Column Width. Move the slider. Be aware that you may have to do some more editing after this step though.

Now save the design as a new file name.

I hope that helps but if you need more help or have problems then just email me back again.

Kind regards
Carolyn Keber
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