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Stitch Delight

On Sale! Enjoy a 30% discount on purchases from Stitch Delight until August 31st. Exclusions may apply.

Gold Treasure Hunt - Look for the Gold Coins to find the $1 Treasure sets. 15 to be found here.

Diamond Treasure Hunt - Look for the Diamonds to find our most popular sets on sale. 35 to be found here.


Here are the most recent designs from this store.


Tray Cloth Designs

Make a variety of tray cloths, runners or mug rugs.

$16.00 $11.20 

String Quilt Blocks 2

Make a beautiful quilt cover perfect for a pillow, bed or table.

$16.00 $11.20 

Snowball Rag Doll Faces

Stitch, stuff and add a woolly hairstyle.

$16.00 $11.20 

Dainty Rose sand Peacock

A large set of 28 exquisite designs.

$16.00 $11.20 

ITH Tray Cloths

Single hoop quick projects for large hoops.

$16.00 $11.20 

Spring Quilt Block 1

Brighten up spring with these beautiful blocks.

$16.00 $11.20 

Colony Font

Upper and lower case as well as numbers and punctuation.

$12.00 $8.40 

Wheat Font

Embellished monograms for multiple projects.

$26.00 $18.20 

Dainty Flowers 86

Eggshell blue swirls with ecru swans.

$8.00 $5.60 

Dainty Flowers 85

Eggshell blue butterflies with soft green swirly vines.

$8.00 $5.60 

Dainty Flowers 84

Spring butterflies dancing amongst the daisies.

$8.00 $5.60 

Dainty Flowers 83

Golden bumble bees fluttering amongst the flowers.

$8.00 $5.60 

Dainty Flowers 82

Honey bees, rosebuds and leaves.

$8.00 $5.60 

Dainty Flowers 81

Magnificent golden butterflies and flower arrangements.

$8.00 $5.60 

Dainty Flowers 80

Lovely roses, butterflies and blossoms.

$8.00 $5.60 

Dainty Flowers 79

Peach bell shaped buds with bold centre flowers.

$8.00 $5.60 

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