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Rudina Embroidery



Pirate Baby

Your little matey will look ship shape in these Pirate designs for infants and toddlers.



Sunbonnet sweethearts kiss and cuddle in fond celebration of first love.


Christmas Snowman

A set of jolly Redwork Christmas Snowmen is complemented by a beautiful single star. These quick stitching designs are excellent for holiday decor.


Christmas Tree

Outlines of Christmas Trees are adorned with bold ribbons, mistletoe and bright poinsettias in this set of ten designs.


Line Ornaments

This Fruit Line Ornaments set will stunning on all kitchen decor!



Ten decorative Heron designs feature creative linework detail in a single thread color.


African Sunset

Bring the warmth of an African Sunset into your sitting room with this sepia set of seven designs.


African Animals 1

Bring the call of the wild home with this set of nine designs in mixed sizes for the 5x7 hoop.


Fancy Faces

With their bright hues and high stitch count, this set will look very attractive on articles of clothing.


Paris Fashion

Ooo la la! This set of twelve designs inspired by Paris will add some passion to your fashionables.


African Weaving

This set of thirteen African Weaving designs profiles samples of traditional ethnic handicraft.


African Dance

Add a tribal beat to your home decor with the African Dance set of eleven designs.


African Art

This set of ten African Art designs profiles samples of Zulu masks, weaving and pottery.


African Proteas

Commonly named the sugarbush, these intricately detailed designs profile this noble flower which will add an attractive finish to projects for your lounge and bedroom decor.


African Flowers

Freshen up your home decor and garments with this set of thirteen African Flowers in mixed sizes.


Animal Print Hearts

Express your wild heart with this unique set of nine animal print designs including one text element.


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