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Into Embroidery


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Cutwork Pillow Border Project

A soft finishing touch for heirloom projects.


Redwork Country Chickens

Quick to stitch, these whimsical country chickens are perfect for weekend projects.


Remembrance Lace Part 1

Delicate lace blocks with a soft finish for heirloom linens and home decor.


Folkart Flowers

Beautiful bouquets for a stylish bohemian accent on a maxi dress, tote bag, or denim.


Elegant Christmas

Elegant Christmas Designs will add a festive flair to your holiday table linens and decor.


Eperatrix Corners

Inspired by traditional handwork, this technique combines designs with cutwork and stumpwork. These beautiful designs can be used for home decor, gift items and garments such as jackets, blouses or dresses.

Treasure Hunt item! $28.00 $1.00 

Hardanger With Flair

Sometimes called Whitework Embroidery, Hardanger (or "Hardangersøm") is a traditional form worked with white thread on white fabric, using counted thread and drawn thread work techniques.


Lisflower Trapunto

A host of varieties on the classic image of the fleur-de-lis.


Chitrita Lines

Decorate your home with a set of fashionable abstract designs featuring unique details.

Treasure Hunt item! $25.00 $1.00 

Artista V6 Training Series 4 - Buttonholes Tutorial

Learn how to add a line of evenly spaced buttonholes to a design with the Add Buttonholes command in Artista Designer Plus V6.


Artista V6 Training Series 5 - Carving Stamps Tutorial

A handy tutorial to learn how to use the Carving Stamp feature of Artista Designer Plus V6.


Artista V6 Training Series 6 - Fills Tutorial Tutorial

Some exquisite new Fills have been included with the Artista Designer Plus V6 Software.


Artista V6 Training Series 7 - Halo Outlines Tutorial

With this tutorial you will learn how easy it is to create an outlined design very quickly and with dramatic effects.


Artista V6 Training Series 8 - Multi Hooping Basic Tutorial

The Morphing feature allows you to transform object outlines and stitches in a variety of novel and interesting ways.


Artista V6 Training Series 9 - Morphing Tutorial

This tutorial covers the basic changes for splitting a large solid design into multi-hoopings with ease.


Artista V6 Training Series 10 - Stippling Tutorial

Stippling creates a fill made up of running stitches which meander within a border such as quilt blocks.


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