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It appears you have followed an old link, or the page you are looking for no longer exists. In the meantime, have a look at our new designs.

This page features our latest machine embroidery projects.
Projects include instructions and result in a finished item.

Folk Art Coasters

A pretty little set of in-the-hoop coasters.

$15.00 $6.00 

Folk Art Placemat 4

This placemat features a spring bulb flower.

$15.00 $6.00 

Folk Art Placemat 3

This placemat features a small mandala flower.

$15.00 $6.00 

Folk Art Placemat 2

This placemat features a mandala flower center piece.

$15.00 $6.00 

Folk Art Placemat 1

This placemat features a cute folk art bird design.

$15.00 $6.00 

ITH Little Sheep Soft Toy

This adorable cutie is easy to make in only two hoopings.

$15.00 $11.25 

Bare Baroque Eyeglass Case and Necklines Variety

Multi-project set for versatility.


Zipper Snap Pouch

This attractive small pouch will hold all the essentials.

$12.00 $8.40 

3D FSL Birdcages

Perfect for pretty home decor.

$35.00 $14.00 

ITH Cross Body Saddle Bag

So useful, pretty and easy to make!

$24.00 $18.00 

Simply Flowers with Mug Rugs

A pretty set of floral designs and mug rugs.

$35.00 $17.50 

Square Placemat Scalloped

A striking placemat with quilted details.

$20.00 $10.00 

Square Placemat Folk Art

A beautiful placemat made with lovely folk art floral work.

$20.00 $10.00 

ITH Owl Reader Cases Blank

Perfect for keeping your reading glasses handy.

$13.00 $9.75 

ITH Owl Reader Cases with Monogram

Personalize your glasses case with your own monogram.

$26.00 $19.50 

Emoji Family Placemat Set

Make dining fun with these cute characters.

$17.00 $12.00 

Emoji Wink Danglies

Make these lovable little characters into a pendant, bookmark or earrings.

$14.50 $7.00 

Emoji In Love Danglies

Adorable Emoji characters in love.

$14.50 $7.00 

ITH Animal Place Mats

Funky animal placemats made in the hoop.

$70.00 $24.50 

FSL Golden Butterflies

Perfect for your spring and summer projects!

$35.00 $14.00 

Corgi Design and Projects

Multi-size design plus project instructions.

$23.00 $17.25 

ITH Catty Sleep Mask

A little catty but very useful!

$13.00 $9.75 

3D Roses and Umbrella

Applique beautiful pink organza roses with a satin pink umbrella.


Patchwork Sewing Basket

Organize your work-space with this pretty basket.

$26.00 $19.50 

ITH Owl Keyring Without Initial

Add your own font to this key ring pouch.

$13.00 $9.75 

Floral Lace Table Runner

A reflection of the traditional crochet table centers of yesteryear.


Applique Battenburg Placemat Variety

Dine beautifully with these timeless table accessories.

$16.00 $12.00 

Freestanding Lace Battenburg Placemat Variety

Beautiful, timeless table accessories in freestanding lace.

$16.00 $12.00 

Sailboat Quilt Project

Beautiful ocean themed pillow for large hoops.


3D FSL Lighthouse

Doubles as a container or gift box.


Interchangeable Baby Bibs

Mix and match colors as you like!


Geisha Quilt Set

Stunning in the hoop quilting with a beautiful gesiha.


Belle Quilt 13

A beautiful hanky belle adorns delicate quilting.


Belle Quilt 12

A beautiful hanky belle adorns delicate quilting.


Belle Quilt 11

A beautiful hanky belle adorns delicate quilting.


Belle Quilt 10

A beautiful hanky belle adorns delicate quilting.



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