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Here are the most recent designs from this store.


Sea Life

Quick stitching designs for kitchen towels, linen or gifts.

$30.00 $22.50 

Elegant Folk Art

Elegant folk art flowers for linen, decor and clothing.

$35.00 $26.25 

Colorwash Fonts and Corners

Matches perfectly with Colorwash Flowers designs.

$35.00 $26.25 

Elegant Flowers

Bold and colorful for use on linen, clothing or decor items.

$25.00 $18.75 

Floral Perfumerie Collage

Compile your own collage with this varied collection.

$40.00 $30.00 

Daisyrose Quilt Blocks

Create the heirloom quilt you always dreamed about!

$40.00 $30.00 

Christmas Trees

Swirling, dancing trees in black work and color lines.

$25.00 $18.75 

Elegant Poinsettias

Detailed designs beautiful on festive table linens.

$30.00 $22.50 

Butterfly Collage Elements

Compose your own collage and combinations.

$40.00 $30.00 

One Color Country Singers

One color designs that stitch out quickly and perfectly.

$20.00 $15.00 

Country Singers

One color silhouettes on colorful backgrounds.

$35.00 $26.25 

Butterfly Collage

Large, detailed blocks with colorful butterflies.

$40.00 $30.00 

Watercolor Florals

Lovely flower corners, borders and a center piece design.

$35.00 $26.25 

Jacobean Flowers

Combine beautiful flowers, leaves and butterflies.

$35.00 $26.25 

Square Placemat Patches

Elegant place mat comprised of seven parts.

$15.00 $11.25 

New York Beauty Quilt Blocks

Easiest ever in-the-hoop quilt block.

$35.00 $26.25 

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