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A Stitch and a Half


Special Price! For Flora Cameo Neckline Variety until January 31st.

Special Price! For Romantic Rose Necklines until January 31st.

Special Price! For Wind Song Neckline Variety Collection until January 31st.


Flora Cameo Neckline Variety

Create three unique necklines with this collection.

$15.00 $9.00 

Wind Song Neckline Variety Collection

Pretty necklines in five unique shapes.

$15.00 $10.00 

Vintage Neckline Variety Collection

Create exquisite necklines with this variety pack!


Romantic Rose Necklines

A versatile set of necklines and borders.

$15.00 $10.00 

Classic Neckline Embroidery Collection

A gorgeous collection of necklines and borders!


Wine Sayings

Brighten up your party with these fun sayings.


FSL Lunar Earrings

Two styles of lace earrings, each in two sizes.


Tiffany Frame Corners

Combine to create a continuous border.


Ombre Combo

Lovely floral bag and FSL earrings combo.


FSL Boho Chic Earrings

Have some fun and create a unique fashion accessory.


Fabulous FSL Feathery Earrings

These exquisite jewel earrings are a fun project to make.


Raccoon Bag With ITH Zipper

A happy little raccoon adorns this bag, featuring a zipper installed in the hoop.


Fox and Hound Bags

Classic characters come alive in this adorable set of of small zippered bags.


Lace and String

Create a continuous border, or embellish an elegant corner with these dainty designs.


FSL Earrings Combo

Made with freestanding lace, create these beautiful jewels to pair with any occasion.


Pizza Slice Zipper Bag

Take a slice out of your gift list with this novelty zippered bag, made in the hoop.


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