Zoom In On Embroidery

How do you make beach embroidery better? Frame it with a contrasting mat!

I love the Summer Cuties design set from Ace Points Embroidery. It depicts several ocean scenic reminiscent of family summers at the beach. What I like even better is that the design is stitched in a circular vignette.

Popped in a frame, the design is beautiful by itself. When you offset it with a circular mat, it is stunning.

When choosing a mat, I like to pull out one of the colors of the design. Each color makes a completely different statement.

Pull the color of the sand and you have a more tonal feel.

Try using the rose color of the little girl’s dress and it has a more feminine appeal.

Blue really makes the design pop and adds to the feeling of ocean waters and blue skies.

The circular mat enhances the design and lets you focus in on the beautiful embroidery.

Have you used mats for your embroidery projects? If so, please share them on the Secrets of Embroidery Facebook Group page.