Zip It Up, In the Hoop!

See just how easy it is to sew a zipper in the hoop on your embroidery machine!

Once upon a time, I would avoided any project that included a zipper. Not any more. With the sophistication of todays in-the-hoop (ITH) projects, you can now stitch anything from a small zip bag to a purse, backpack or tote with your embroidery machine.

Specifics will differ from design to design but the premise is the same. Your embroidery machine stitches and stops, allowing you to place fabrics, batting, and zippers to create a project, sometimes entirely in the hoop.

Stitching a Zipper in the Hoop

Start out hooping your recommended stabilizer. The design directions will show what to do for each color stop. One will stitch lines on the stabilizer showing you where to place the zipper.

Tape the zipper along the lines and another color stop will stitch it in place.

Sides are placed along stitch lines.

And tacked down.

Lining is also added.

Make sure to move the zipper to the middle, attach a back, stitch around the outside edge, turn the bag inside out, and stitch the turning seam closed.

It really could not be any easier.

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