Windows 10 Downloading Help: Where Did My Files Go?

Have you ever downloaded a purchased a design and then could not find it? Here’s how!

One of the most common problems that machine embroiderers face is trying to find files that they have purchased and downloaded.

After placing your order on Secrets, an Order Completed screen appears with a button to download the file(s) you purchased.

You will also receive an email with a download link. If you purchased through PayPal and have a different email address than the one that you use to log on to Secrets of Embroidery, the download link will be sent to that address.

When you click on the Download Links button, the zipped file shows up on the lower left-hand corner of your screen.

Double click on the zip file in the corner and the Compressed Folder Tools screen opens. It automatically defaults to the Downloads folder on your computer’s hard drive.

Downloaded files are zipped to bunch them together for easier transfer, make them smaller, and prevent corruption. The zipped files need to be extracted or unzipped to transfer the individual files to your computer, otherwise, you won’t be able to use them on your embroidery machine. A folder appears under Downloads showing the design folder that you downloaded. Click on the design folder to select it and then click on Extract All.

A destination screen appears. This is where you tell the computer where to save your extracted files.

If you have set up a folder system on your computer for organizing your designs, you can either click the Browse button to find the specific folder where you would like the design files to be placed, or it may be easier to extract the files to your computer Desktop and then drag or copy them to their appropriate embroidery design folder.

Just double click on any folder to see the design files inside.

Secrets of Embroidery has a file folder structure you can download and use for organizing your design files. It corresponds with the categories and sub categories of Secrets designs for your convenience.

For instance, this design that I purchased is Valentine Saying 17 from Stitch Emporium.

Using the Secrets embroidery design organizing structure, I would save this design in the subfolder Valentine’s Day under the folder Celebrations & Holidays.

When you can’t find the files and need to download a file you purchased in the past, log on to your Secrets account and select Purchases. Scroll down to the design you need sent again and click Request Download Link. The link will be sent to you via email.