Winding Bobbins From Big Spools Without a Thread Stand

Sometimes you need to improvise. I’ll show you how to wind bobbins, or stitch from the big spools, even if you don’t have a spool stand!

I prefer to use Bottom Line by Superior Threads as my bobbin thread. It is virtually lint free and smooth as silk. Of course, it is more economical to buy thread by the 3,000-yard cone rather than the 1,420-yard spool. 

Without a thread stand, the cone doesn’t work well on a standard single-needle embroidery machine. It’s too large to fit on the horizontal thread pin and too heavy to spin on the vertical pin.

I prefer to wind my bobbins through the needle. I believe I get a smoother, more filled bobbin that way. Here is a tip on getting by without a separate thread stand.

  1. Place the thread cone on the table, below the traditional spool pin.
  2. Use an empty thread cone or spool on the rewind spool pin. Drape bobbin thread behind the cone or spool. That allows the thread to feed smoothly as if it were coming from the traditional position.
  3. Thread your machine with the bobbin thread.
  4. Oops, I skipped number 4!
  5. Thread the needle and make sure the thread flows under the presser foot.
  6. Wind the bobbin as usual.

Providing a clear path for the thread to feed off of the cone makes winding bobbins effortless, even without a thread stand.