Why You Should Quilt with Your Embroidery Machine

It is National Quilting Month and these are just a few of the reasons you should quilt with your embroidery machine!

Exact Color Match

Choose the colors you love and make the quilt fit your decor. Start with a gorgeous embroidery design like Bullion Rose Quilt Blocks Set 2 from Enigma Embroidery. Pick out some luxurious fabric and make the quilt of your dreams.

Quilt as You Go

Whether you quilt as you piece or you piece and then quilt over top, you can build blocks as you go. Log Cabin-type blocks like Circular Flair Design from Embroidery Weekly go together quickly and look fabulous with

Perfect Piecing

If sewing perfect seams makes you crazy, quilting ITH is a game changer. Let the machine do it for you. So long as you follow directions, you will be pleasantly surprised with the end result.

Can you imagine sewing curved seams and perfect points? New York Beauty Quilt Blocks from Allstitch make it seem easy. Piecing is done right in the hoop and gorgeous quilting is stitched on top.

Time Saving Techniques

Heirloom embroidery, like that shown in Romantic Crazy Quilt 12 from Graceful Embroidery, once took weeks to complete. Now, modern embroidery machines stitch a block in minutes or hours.

Coordinate Everything

How better to perfectly coordinate your furnishings? Coordinating design sets like Bullion Rose Quilt Blocks Set 1 and Bullion Rose Quilt Blocks Set 2 from Enigma Embroidery provide a wealth of options. Pillows match bed covers, runners, and even valances. Use accents to trim towels. The list goes on and on!