Who is Coming for Christmas?

Why not kill two birds with one stone and save a bunch of money too?

With just over six months until Christmas, it is never too soon to stitch up some gifts. This project, from Secrets of Embroidery Facebook Group member Terry McTigue, is just stunning. Best of all, it is 70% off this weekend!

The design is Christmas Owls from Anandas Divine Designs. Terry added the appliques to towels but they can also be stitched as a freestanding applique design.

I love what she did with her color choices. Some of the satin stitching in the original file, white, was changed to tan to match the applique fabric. That makes the design blend better on the brown towel than a bright white.

Her fabrics were beautifully chosen, tone-on tone and batik fabrics do not compete with the embroidery. The plaid of the scarf adds perceived texture and stands out among the tone-on-tone applique fabrics. Did you notice that she did not stitch the dividing satin stitching on the scarf? She did not need them. She also left off the fringe stitching. Instead, Terry sewed on some fringe trim.

Nicely done, Terry. Thank you for sharing!