What to Include on a Quilt Label

Whether it is pillow, wall hanging, table runner or quilt, add a label. What should you include?

We may not think about how long some of the items that we make will last, but it is important to document your works of heart. Thankfully, many of our ancestors did label their quilts, giving us great insight into the evolution of block designs and techniques.

To preserve the legacy of the piece, here are a few of the things you should include on your label:

  • The name of the project.
  • The reason it was made – birthday, wedding, holiday?
  • The person who pieced/embroidered the item.
  • The person who quilted the piece.
  • Date and place it was completed.
  • Fabric and batting content.
  • Size.

Other details to add:

  • Age of the maker.
  • Techniques used.
  • Fabric line and designer.
  • Cost to make or purchase.
  • Appraisal value.
  • Signature of the maker.
  • A personal message.

Years from now, someone will find a quilt or wall hanging made during the Covid pandemic, but only if you add a label!

The image featured is Arabella Bullion 2 from Graceful Embroidery.