Unique Storage Solutions for Fabric

Looking for unique ways to store your fabric stash? Here are some clever ideas to get you started!

Hang it Up


If you have a lot of wall space, this is perfect. Hang a curtain rod and use curtain clips.

MellySews.com and AllPeopleQuilt.com

Hangers for pants and skirts work really well too.

Shoe Storage Units

Designers Sweetspot and Kim Diehl

Whether it is folded yardage or fat quarters, shoe storage units hang in the closet or on the back of doors. Either way, colors are easy to see, yet accessible and out of the way.

Magazine Rack


A wall-mounted magazine rack keeps fabric organized and is a convenient way to audition color groupings for your next project.

Filing Cabinets

The Thinking Closet

Who knew? Filing cabinets are wonderful for keeping fabric organized. Plus, they protect fabric from dust and sun fading.

Baby Crib


What a fabulous idea, and what else can you do with crib sides when they are no longer needed? This looks pretty enough to display fabric, vintage linens, or quilts for their aesthetic quality alone.

How do you store your fabric?

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