Trimming Jump Stitches

Do you trim your jump stitches as they appear? If not, you could be setting yourself up for much more work when the design is finished stitching.

Trimming thread with each color change should be routine and it is pretty easy to do since the machine stops for each separate color. Often, designs that contain large areas of the same thread color have jump stitches. So do designs that are stitched in one color, like the monogrammed candle project.

I like to trim jump stitches as they happen. Otherwise, as the thread stretches from one position to the next, it can be stitched over by other parts of the design. That makes for much more trimming and increases the chance of cutting good stitches.

In some cases, it is nearly impossible to trim threads that are buried under other embroidery.

Don’t forget to trim jump stitches on the back too. Every time the thread jumps on the front, the bobbin thread jumps too.

Trimming jump stitches is especially important when you can see through the embroidery, as with lace designs like the Fancy Block Font by Stitch Delight.

It may take a little extra effort, but trimming jump stitches as they happen will give you a much more polished, professional finish to your projects.