Top Secrets of Embroidery Designs of 2019

Can you guess our top embroidery designs of 2019? Read on!

It is always fun to see what your fellow embroiderers like to stitch. See all of Secrets of Embroidery’s most popular designs of 2019 here.


Three-dimensional embroidery really packs a wow factor. Individual pieces are embroidered and embellished in the hoop, then assembled into some pretty amazing creations. With some stitched as freestanding embroidery, there is little to no finishing.


Everyone loves adorable animals, so it is no wonder that these designs were downloaded over and over again last year.


Lace work is nearly effortless by machine and really pops against a black background.

Heirloom embroidery is the main reason I purchased my machine so many years ago. Bullion roses, shadow work and cutwork are just three heirloom techniques that your machine can accomplish in less time than it took to create by hand.


In the hoop projects are an amazing accomplishment in machine embroidery: Finished seams, easy zippers, no precise cutting necessary, and impressive results.

Zip bags are super easy to make, can be customized, and quite useful, too.                  

Everything from teddy bears to tree skirts and even hot pot holders, are fantastic ITH projects thanks to ingenious digitizing and modern embroidery machines.

Fancy quilt block applique and piecing is stunning when embroidered. Can you say, “Perfect seams?” And many are quilted as you go.

Be sure to stop by the top designs of 2019 page and check out what has caught your fellow embroiderers eyes. Then stop by the Secrets of Embroidery Facebook Group and see what they have been making!

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1 thought on “Top Secrets of Embroidery Designs of 2019”

  1. I hate to bother you but I’m wondering if there is a way to put a fabric image background behind my digitized applique designs in Embird or Embird Studio? The fabric backgrounds they have in “select fabric background” are hideous and have not changed throughout the years. I see sellers list their own applique embroidery designs and they have lovely fabric prints inside of the applique borders – you can tell it’s simulated and is not an actual image of a finished applique on actual fabric.
    I’m wondering if I could do this with Adobe Illustrator or even inkscape or if I need to find another embroidery program other than Embird all together? Hope you or someone knows the answer, I’m so tired of searching the internet and getting nothing on the subject. Thank you for your time.

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