Tips for Stitching Microwave-safe ITH Projects

Find out the best fabrics, threads, and batting you can use in the microwave.

Machine embroidery has made in-the-hoop projects so much easier to complete. In the case of popular bowl cozies, some things must be taken into consideration before placing them into a microwave.

Best Fabrics for Microwave Cozies

One-hundred percent cotton fabrics, like quilting cottons and flannels, work best. When using denim, make sure they are completely cotton. Many modern blends include lycra and other fibers for stretch.

Microwave-Safe Embroidery Thread

The thread used in projects like the Bowl Hugger from Omas Place must also be 100 percent cotton. Polyesters could melt.

Batting for Microwavable Projects

Pellon Wrap-N-Zap is a microwave-safe cotton batting. Warm & Natural is also 100 percent cotton batting.

Because cotton is flammable, The Warm Company does not endorse having their cotton battings in products that will be used in the microwave. Undoubtedly that is because of liability since many, many people use their products without incident.

Batting should not contain scrim, which is a thin layer of mesh added to some battings acting like a stabilizer. It is generally made of polyester and should not be heated.

Heating Times

Obviously, natural fabrics like cotton are flammable. Many recommend microwaving no longer than two minutes at a time, six minutes total.