Tips for Quilting Blocks in the Hoop

Line designs are perfect for quilting individual quilt blocks. These tips will help insure success.

Many Linework and Redwork designs can be used to quilt blocks and sections of larger projects like table runners.

Block Size

Start by cutting your blocks slightly larger than needed. That way, you can cut the block down to size after it is embroidered. That gives you some room for off-centered embroidery and it is easier to hoop.

Thread Colors

Choose your thread color to stand out against the background fabric.

Too light and the design is lost in this print.

One time that a light thread color works is when stitching the same color of thread against the same color of a solid print or monotone fabric. But feel free to ceate your own rules regarding thread color according to your project.


Using proper stabilizer is helpful in preventing puckers in your block. Consider fusible no-show mesh to keep the block smooth in the hoop.


When working with two fabrics, a stabilizer, and batting, it is helpful to baste the embroidery design area before starting to stitch the design. That is especially useful when the block is floated on the stabilizer because it is too small for the hoop.

Basting also helps to keep embroidery registered properly, particularly with double- and triple-stitched outline designs.

Temporary spray adhesive can help hold all three layers together, making it easier to hoop.

What tips do you have for quilting blocks in the hoop?