Tips for Embroidering on Black

Are you a fan of embroidering on black fabric? Make it spectacular with these tips!

Machine embroidery on black fabric is quite classy. Here is how to ensure that your high-contrast embroidery makes a big impression, like the Take a Peek Geisha Box from Stitch Delight.

Black Fabrics Vary

Just as not all white fabrics are the same, black fabrics vary greatly in tone. Cotton fabrics marketed to the Amish are more of a “true” black.

Interface if Necessary

Interfacing helps to support the fabric and my favorite, ShapeFlex 101 also comes in black. That can also help to reinforce the darkness of the fabric as well as the weight of the fabric.

Use Bright Threads

Bright colors will pop on black much more than pastels.

Add Sparkle

Metallic threads add a gorgeous accent that really shines on a dark background. Even specialty threads, like silk, stand out a little bit more against a contrasting background.

Embellish as Desired

Add buttons, beads, or sequins to accent embroidery.

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