Tips for Bringing Life Back Into Freestanding Lace

In time, FSL may become dirty, soft, or misshapen. How do you make it clean and stiff again?

Freestanding Lace (FSL) is a gorgeous embroidery machine version of classic artisan handwork. While it may look difficult, it is quite easy to create. Designs are digitalized to stitch out on water-soluble stabilizer which is then washed away to reveal gorgeous lacework.

How to Wash Freestanding Lace

Use a mild soap and soak lace overnight. Oxygen-based detergents can be useful for heavily soiled or stained pieces. Color-safe bleach can be used on cotton FSL.

Rinse in clear water until soap is removed then, hand press between toweling to remove excess water.

Reshape and lay flat to dry on a paper towel.

For intricate shapes, consider pinning the lace through a paper towel on top of cardboard or foam.

Stiffening Washed FSL

When washed lace is dry, press it with an iron and use a stiffening spray, like spray starch or Terial Magic.

Some embroiderers use scraps of water-soluble stabilizer dissolved in water as a medium to re-soak and stiffen FSL that has been washed or has become rather relaxed from use or humidity.

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