Tips for Bold and Beautiful Embroidery

Bold embroidery is more than bright threads and fabrics. See how to make your embroidery projects stand out!

Background fabric can make machine embroidery pop. You can get stunning results with both light and dark fabrics paired up with just the right embroidery.

On black, brighter thread colors, like Blooming Garden 3 from Ace Points Embroidery, are almost effervescent. The combination gives the flowers a gorgeous presentation.

With the Dresden Table Runner from Embroidery Weekly, the bright appliques on a white background makes a bold statement.

Brights on white also work great with Inspirational Quotes 2 from Stitch Emporium. A little bit of whimsy in the text and border adds even more interest to this uplifting design.

Ovals are always more pleasing to the eye and the Pansy Hummer Mug Rug from Omas Place is stunning. Not only does the embroidery really make a statement on the quilted white background, but the use of color in this project is superb.

Sometimes, bold fabrics can overpower the embroidery. Here, the fabric colors match those of the embroidery perfectly and are a proper scale to not be a distraction. Satin stitching around the embroidery further ties in the colors and isolates the embroidery.

Although the background is not all white, it takes on a neutral tone in the Rose Trellis Table Runner from Embroidery Weekly. The neutral background really makes the lovely rose applique stand out.

Try these ideas and make your embroidery bold and beautiful!