Tips for Assembly Line Projects

Making several of the same type of project? I will show you how to save you time and money!

In 8 Ways to Make it Holidays Merry, I discussed several ideas for keeping your sanity while tackling the demands of the holiday season. One way is to keep your project pieces all together and ready to go when you are!

Test Stitch Before Making Kits

Test stitching is important in any embroidery project. When cutting out pieces for multiple projects of the same type, it’s best to stitch out a sample before cutting all of the pieces.

This is one of 32 blocks needed for a project of mine. For the test stitch, I cut the base fabric the same size as the stabilizer. It did not need to be that large.

While the stabilizer has to fit the hoop, my hoop was larger than the piece of base fabric that I needed. Had I cut all 32 blocks before testing, I would have wasted just over a yard of fabric.

Mark Your Pieces

When you are sure of the sizes needed, go ahead and cut them out but be sure to mark them. Use sticky notes or pins to attach numbers that correspond with the steps in your directions. That way, it is easy to just pick up the pieces, even mid-cycle, and not waste a lot of time getting reacquainted with the project. 

Keep Project Pieces Together

When you have all of the pieces you need for a particular project, slip them in a plastic zip bag, storage box, or large envelope.

Keep a printout of the instructions and design templates with the fabric, stabilizer, and batting pieces so that you have everything you need to jump right in and begin stitching.

What tips do you have for managing multiple projects?