The Tradition of Making Christmas Merry

Makers traditionally are generous with their time and skills. Why do you embroider gifts?

Giving handmade ornaments is a tradition in my family. Although I once feared that making such gifts fed a selfish satisfaction on my part, I found that they were genuinely treasured year after year.

The Magic of Christmas from Kreations by Kara

Anyone can go out and buy a present but when you make one, it is truly a gift of heart. Special care is taken to choose just the right project and customize fabrics and threads to the recipient.

Jingle Bells from Stitch Delight

Makers put time, talent, and passion into everything that they create because they truly care about the person for whom the gift is being made.

Nativity Family from Blue Stitch Sky

Most of us have been separated from family and friends at one point or another this year. In the process, we were reminded of just what is important.

Christmas Candy Basket from Ace Points Embroidery
Fill with candy, fruit, or PPE.

This, of all years, is the one to make something special and start a new tradition. Be it for someone that you love, community heroes, or those who have been sequestered in nursing homes and care facilities.

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