The Secret to Beautiful Butterflies

Butterflies are a wonderful embroidery subject. See how to bring them to life with these tips.

Whether they are applique, freestanding 3D, or fill stitch, butterflies are beautiful in their own right. Try these ideas and make them flutter!


The hand-dyed quality of batiks make them an ideal choice for nature embroidery applique. Butterflies in My Garden from Allstitch pops off a subtle background with gorgeous, muted shades.

Crazy Quilting

Batiks are even more beautiful when detailed embroidery is added. The Crazy Butterfly from Molly Mine has the best of both worlds.


Both sheer and reflective, 3D Organza Butterfly 2 from Ace Points Embroidery  helps showcase the delicate aspects of our winged friends. Stitched like freestanding applique, the result is stunning, particularly with the addition of jewels.

Fairy Lights

What makes organza even more outstanding? 3D Butterfly Fairy String Lights from Embroider Shoppe add even more dimension to the shimmer of organza for a gorgeous decorative accent.


With a combination of fill stitching and 3D organza techniques, the 3D Lavender Pillow from Embroider Shoppe is quite beautiful. Friends and family will wonder how you made it.


While organza has a more subtle shine, mylar brings the sparkle and iridescence. The 3D Mylar Butterfly from Inspiration Mutz can be stitched as an applique or as a freestanding piece.


Intricate lace details look so complicated but when they are professionally digitized, it is magic. FSL Giant Butterfly from Stitch Delight can be stitched right on your machine. The secret? Water-soluble stabilizer.

What is your favorite technique for stitching butterflies?