The Finishing Touch: Adding Decorative Trim to ITH Projects

Sometimes, a bit of trim adds the perfect touch to an embroidery project!

If you liked the Cookies for Santa mug mat project last week, I’ll show you how I added the ric rac to the pocket for a cute finish.

The pocket on the Santa Snack Mat from Oma’s Place has an option for lining that includes a contrasting cuff. That is the perfect place to add ric rac or other decorative trim.

I added Steam-A-Seam 2 fusible tape to one edge of the ric rac, making sure to align it so that it sat in the valleys.

The directions called for a half-inch seam. I marked the half-inch line on the front pocket fabric. This is where I wanted the valleys of the ric rac to rest so that, when the seam was stitched, the ric rac hills would lay between the front pocket and contrasting cuff (yellow line). Fuse in place.

To keep the seam perfect, I marked the half-inch seam allowance on the back side of the lining/cuff material. With the right sides together, pockets were stitched according to directions.

Press the seam toward the lining. With wrong sides together, match the bottom edges and press. That gives you a lined pocket with contrasting cuff and scalloped ric rac to set it off.

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