Textile Embroidery: Stitch Something Beautiful!

Thank goodness that textile embroidery is so much easier today. Modern embroidery machines make quick work of techniques that were tedious and labor intensive when done by hand. That means you can easily embellish most any item, whether wearable or display, with gorgeous embroidery.

Cutwork and Stumpwork

Eperatrix Corners by Into Embroidery

This gorgeous design combines stumpwork, 3-D embroidery, and gorgeous cutwork for a pillow project that is more like a work of art than a mere cushion.

Folklore Fashion

Pomegranate Stomacher by Art Embroidery

This bodice piece is based on a style of antique qold work embroidery. It is perfect for Elizabethan and Tudor period costumes and as an accent for any vintage projects, wearable or otherwise!

Folklore Shirt by Alinaline

Gorgeous colors really pop on a black background, especially when they take on a folklore theme. Add this embroidery to a simple shrug or sweater and it looks like you have expensive taste on a reasonable budget.

Crazy Quilting

Crazy Quilt Series 1, Part 2 by Molly Mine

Dating from Victorian times, crazy quilt items were reserved for only the most special occasions. Often, pieces of lace, beads, and charms were added.

Romantic Crazy Quilt 12 by Graceful Embroidery

Partly because of the expensive fabrics used and partly because they took so long to create, the crazy quilting technique is a good example of mixing textiles to create a functional piece of art.

Heirloom Creations

Net Collars by Oh Sew New

Lace collars would have taken forever to create by hand. By machine, they are stitched in mere minutes on a layer of tulle or netting.

Beautiful Swirl Lace by Embroider Shoppe

Sheer fabrics are the base for gorgeous lace work. Stitch on tulle or organza for beautiful, delicate edging you can use on home décor and bridal projects.

Heirloom Shadow Work Borders by My Fair Lady

Heirloom embroidery really benefits from modern technology. Today’s machines make quick work of labor intensive techniques like lace insertion and shadow work.

Sweet Dreams Pillow by Oma’s Place

Bed linens were often a favorite textile for embroidery and why not? This pretty pillow makes white work and scalloped edging oh, so, fabulous.

Yarn Couching

Yarn Couching Medley by Hatched in Africa

Yarn couching done by machine very much resembles the technique stitched by hand but with is so much quicker and easier. Make sure you have the correct couching foot for your machine.

Try out some of these designs and see just how beautiful, and easy, textile embroidery can be!