Successful Embroidery on Fleece and Flannel

Soft and comfy fabrics are popular for baby gifts. Here are some tips for embroidering on fleece, flannel, and Minky.

Nothing says baby like fleece or flannel. They are soft, warm, and wear well, making them the perfect base for embroidering a name or monogram. Some care must be taken to ensure that your special project turns out just right.

Use a Topper

A water-soluble or heat-away topper helps to keep the embroidery on top of the fabric. Although toppers are beneficial when embroidering on flannel, they are especially important when stitching on fleece and Minky, which both have a nap.

Some Minky is also textured, like those with dots or rose swirls. Toppers help to keep thread consistent through the hills and valleys.

In the case of applique, like Ted Bunny from Baby Embroidery Shop, toppers also help the satin stitch edging

Quality Counts

It pays to use quality fabrics. Anti-pill fleece will wear much better than a pilled fleece. Pilled fleece looks great until you wash it. Anti-pill fleece maintains a consistent look both before and after laundering.

You will most likely notice a difference in flannel quality. Quilt shop flannel is completely different from big box flannel. It is more plush and full bodied.

Wash or No Wash?

Because flannel shrinks, it really needs to be pre-washed. I always wash and dry flannel before stitching or embroidering. A quick iron with Best Press takes out all of the wrinkles out.

Prevent Stretch

Be careful to not over stretch fleece and especially Minky. Minky has a tremendous amount of stretch that can make your projects out of square. When I make blankets with Minky, I use a cotton or flannel backing, square up edges, and pin before stitching.

A little bit of care turns fabric into an heirloom for your little blessing. Go to the Secrets of Embroidery Facebook Group page and share your tips for stitching on fleece and flannel.