Stunningly Beautiful Embroidered Butterflies

This stunning collection of butterfly machine embroidery is stitched right in the hoop!

Across cultures, the butterfly is symbolic of rebirth and resurrection, hope and transformation. These beautiful machine embroidery projects would be a lovely way to commemorate a transformative event.

How about a lovely gift box? FSL Victorian Ornaments 2 from Louisa Meyer Originals provides a presentation like no other. Lots of lace and dainty butterflies. Add some fairy lights for a one-of-a-kind accent light.

This Butterfly FSL Suncatcher from Art Embroidery is stunning with crystals. Hang in any window to enjoy year-round.

Multiple layers of wings in the FSL Giant Butterfly from Stitch Delight are exquisite.

Get a tutorial on freestanding lace here.

Go big or go home. The Large Applique Butterfly from Kreative Kiwi Embroidery can be stitched in as small as a 5×7 hoop. Stitch a piece and connect sections as you go for an extraordinary accent piece.

Get a tutorial on this technique here.

Dimension makes embroidery come to life. 3D Butterfly Lavender Pillow from Embroider Shoppe combines traditional embroidery with freestanding applique organza butterflies for a breathtakingly beautiful accent pillow.

Get a tutorial on freestanding applique here.

If you can stitch applique, you can create stunning cutwork in much the same way. Instead of adding fabric, you just cut it away. Butterfly Cutwork from Oh So New makes this heirloom technique look easy.

Get a tutorial on cutwork here.