Stumpwork: Lovely Embroidery for a Memory Quilt

This extraordinary embroidery technique is done completely in the hoop!

What is Stumpwork?

The name itself does not translate effectively into the beautiful result of this age-old technique. Fortunately, we can create these designs easily with our modern embroidery machines.

Becoming popular in the mid-1600s, stumpwork embroidery is raised off of the fabric surface by either building on stitches, adding appliques, or creating three-dimensional components. The lifelike result is stunning.

Stumpwork Floral Sunbonnets from Embroidery Weekly uses in-the-hoop techniques and applique to create lovely dimensional 3D art. The set of six would be perfect to create a memory quilt using baby clothes or clothing from a loved one.

Pieces are all created and even assembled in the hoop using a water-soluble, fabric-type stabilizer.

The 3D Stumpwork Technique

Satin adds an elegant feel to the skirt. It is edge-stitched in the hoop, semi-applique style, trimmed and gathered along the waistline. Trim away stabilizer.

Arms are made in the hoop next and trimmed.

Accents are stitched. The skirt is added in the hoop.

Lace is attached before the cap is appliqued on and stuffed in a unique technique. The end result is absolutely adorable.