Stitching the Bed of Your Dreams

For many of us, our bedroom is our sanctuary. These quilted designs make things even better!

Making our beds beautiful creates an inviting atmosphere for rest and relaxation. With so many gorgeous in-the-hoop projects, it is easier than ever to decorate the bed of your dreams.

Pillow Perfect

Belle Quilt 13 from Stitch Delight adds a romantic accent to beds and side chairs. The 3D hanky accent on the front can be stitched from matching fabric or you can use a lovely heirloom piece instead. Even the lace is stitched on the machine.

Depending on your largest hooping capacity, blocks can be stitched in sections

or all in one piece. Background quilting is done first with fabric over a layer of batting.

What I think is particularly lovely about this design is that the background quilting stitches can be done in three subtle colors, giving the project a faint coloring with distinctive quilting.

Quilted Wholecloth

When stitched on one solid piece of fabric, rather than pieced blocks, the quilting motifs become the accent for quilts like Wholecloth Table Runner from Designs 4 Africa. The designs can be mixed and matched to make an entire quilt, pillows, or a bed runner.

Bed Runner


Designs 4 Africa also has several lovely pieced quilts including this Quilted Floral Applique Runner. Blocks are pieced by machine and embroidered and quilted in the hoop. 

Quilting styles include feathers, scoll borders, diamond latticework, and heart shapes. The center blocks were created with freemotion quilting.

It is a great project to change up your bedroom without stitching an entire quilt. Make one for every season, just change out the colors!