Stitch It, Wear It!

Accessorize your wardrobe with these projects and everyone will be amazed that you made them!

Great machine emb­roidery digitizers have made it so that items we create now rival those of high fashion boutiques.

Bags are a big part of fashion and you can easily match your wardrobe depending on the fabric and thread that you use. The thought of making a­ Three Zipper Cross Body Bag might be daunting to many. Kreations by Kara makes the project easy. It features a large interior section, credit card pockets, and two exterior sections.

Ladies of all ages enjoy a bit of whimsy. Girly Zip Bags from Ronels Creations are made entirely in the hoop. Mix and match fabrics for a fun, and useful accessory.

Go big with the lovely Trapunto Rose Bag from Mar Lena Embroidery. Extremely detailed stitching is accentuated depending upon the fabric used. Vinyl mimics tooled leather, metallics add a luxurious luster, and cottons exude more of a casual chick vibe.

Necklines are made for embellishments. Contrasting layers accentuate the Commercial Cutwork Neckline from Stitch Delight. Stitching with metallic thread adds even more elegance.

Even lace can dress up a comfortable tee. FSL Necklines 2 from Ace Points Embroidery has 10 different ways to look like a million. Consider adding beads, jewels, or sequins to take day wear to evening wear.

Black tie events never looked so good as when you wear Velvet Party Gloves from Oriental Embroidery. Coordinate thread colors to your­­ liking. Gloves are stitched in a 5×7 hoop and fitted with a zipper.

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