Single is Not a Bad Thing: Individual Embroidery Designs

Here are just a few reasons that you should consider shopping our single embroidery designs category.

Sets are great but did you know that Secrets of Embroidery has nearly 90,000 single designs listed? That means a lot of options for some great embroidery!

Mix and Match

You may come across two or more embroidery designs that you want to combine, especially if you do not have any text generating software. Easily combine text files like Dance in the Dandelions from KC Dezigns, which comes in four sizes,

with the atrsy Dandelion Wish from Kreations by Kara. Just match the wording colors to those of the embroidery art design.

Fonts & Monograms

Some fonts make lovely single or triple-letter monograms but would not necessarily work for use in blocks of text. If you are going to monogram items for several members of your friends and family, using the design set is your best bet. If you are just stitching a few monograms, purchase single designs like Butterfly Alphabet from Threads of Embroidery.

If you search Stitch Delight for name, you will find hundreds of customized names, like Hester, in a variety of spellings and embroidery motifs for all ages. Embroidery themes range from romantic and feminine to manly icons and plenty of fun kid art.


If you are a Yorkie fan, you probably want to stitch out your little sweetie. While you may not want to purchase the whole set of Realistic Yorkies, it is nice if you can buy just the design that you want, like Yorkie 1 from Stitch Emporium. Cost for a single design averages about 20% or less of the entire set cost.

Give the single embroidery life a try!