Simply Scrappy Quilt Blocks in the Hoop!

Have a ton of scraps that you want to put to good use? This design set is perfect!

You paid good money for it and nobody wants to throw out fabric, no matter how small it is. But what do you do with it? Make a simply scrappy quilt!

Molly Mine is known for dozens of elaborately decorated crazy quilt designs in sizes ranging from 4×4 to 11×11. If you are looking for a purely scrappy format that contains as few as 2,000 stitches, this scrap-busting series is for you.

Simply Scrappy features 20 different blocks are made in the sew and flip method. Each block contains between 12 and 22 fabrics of various sizes. No pressure, just leisurely stitching with piecing right in the hoop.

Create an heirloom quilt using old clothing. Create a memory quilt for someone you love with their old baby clothes or ties. Grab your scraps and have fun. It could not be easier.

Placement lines stitch on the stabilizer, the first fabric is tacked down, and trimmed close to stitch lines.

Lay the next fabric piece along the stitch line, face down, and it stitches in place. Fold/press open, stitch to secure, trim inside edges, lay the next color down, and stitch that seam to connect.

Continue adding pieces, according to directions, as your machine continues to stitch.

When stitches are complete, you have a perfectly pieced scrappy quilt block.

Assemble blocks to make a table runner, wall hanging, quilt, pillow, or tote.

Choose a color palette go completely rogue with any combination of light, bright, solid, or print. A pattern is not necessary. That is the appeal of scrappy quilts, once assembled, all of the blocks look great!

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