SewTites: A Game Changer for In-the-Hoop Projects

Hate struggling with pins in the hoop? This product will blow your mind!

In-the-hoop projects are one of the seven wonders of modern machine embroidery. One of the challenges, is securing hard to hoop items to the stabilizer.

There are times that the item cannot be hooped. Other projects require attaching layers of batting/wadding, cork, or other fabric. Pinning can be difficult. Until now.

SewTites is a genius way to hold items in place without pinning. These are particularly useful when stitching awkward items that are floated in the hoop, like stuffed animals.

Magnets have a matching flat metal base that attaches under the hoop and does not interfere with embroidery. The magnets also help to hold bulk out of the sewing area.

They can be easily positioned and repositioned as needed, making them a great choice for in-the-hoop projects where different components need added on top and on the back of the hoop.

There are several shapes and sizes from which to choose. They are used for everything from paper piecing to securing fabric in long arm quilting.

The more you use them, the more uses you will find!