Serious Project Potential: Winter for the Birds

One of the very best reasons to follow a Facebook group like Secrets? The designs look totally different when you see them as part of a project!

This week, Secrets of Embroidery Facebook group member Joanne Matthew shows us why it pays to follow along on social media. Her amazing drop shadow quilt could easily be made into a smaller throw, table runner, pillow top, or wall hanging.

Joanne stitched it with her Ellangeo, which she affectionately calls “Evil Ella” due to its sometimes finicky disposition. She used a 75/11 needle, polyester thread, and Pellon 806 Stitch-N-Tear.

Typically, the drop-shadow or shadow box style uses a fabric panel, cut in sections, for inside the windows. Joanne used embroidery, Winter for the Birds designs from Ace Points Embroidery, on individual blocks instead.

On their own, the designs are quite nice – pencil sketches with birds stitched in full color. Assembled in this quilt, they are stunning. I may browse right by the designs when shopping on the site, but seeing this gorgeous quilt on social media stopped me in my tracks.

This diagram shows how I would assemble the blocks, whose pattern Joanne created herself.

  • Stitch the center design and square it up. (Don’t forget to add half-inch or quarter-inch seam allowances to the final size of each piece!)
  • Attach a small square to a dark or black strip of the same width. Press seams to the darker fabric and attach the pieced strip to the bottom of the embroidered block. Press seams.
  • Create another strip using the same size of small square and the remaining length of the dark/black fabric. Press seams.
  • Attach the side strip and press seams.
  • Attach side sashing between blocks. Create rows and add horizontal sashing to each row.

Choosing a background fabric with an all-over pattern like this one helps all of the pieces blend together in the finished product. Great job, Joanne!

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