Serious Project Potential: Sketched Christmas Placemats

See how one of our Facebook followers turned the right combination of pattern, fabric, and designs into fabulous Christmas placemats.

Secrets of Embroidery Facebook group member Carole Schauber shared a set of holiday placemats she stitched that beat most any you could find at a big box store. 

The color scheme is essentially red, off-white and black.

The fabric matches thread colors from the designs found in Sketched Christmas from Ace Points Embroidery.

Carole also used a brilliant presentation when stitching up the placemat pattern, 153 Spirals from The original pattern looks quite busy.

With some ingenious use of the outside strips, Carole alternated light and dark red fabrics. They created a frame with the center being the tone-on-tone natural color.

What remains is perfectly framed embroidery with plenty of contrast to make the designs pop. Fabric colors match beautifully with the embroidery. Each has areas of light and dark. The background and one red fabric are tone-on tone. The third fabric is striped but works beautifully since colors match and transition subtly. With one red fabric darker than the other, the contrast adds dimension and movement to the placemat while highlighting the center design.

Well done, Carole Schauber, all around!

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