Serious Project Potential: ITH Pincushion Sewing Caddy

Looking for a great ITH project? This one has so much sentiment attached!

Passing on our traditions is a valued family experience and I love how this project happened! Secrets of Embroidery Facebook Group member Lucie Winsky gave her granddaughter a sewing machine for Christmas (awesome gift!). What could possibly make it better? How about a wonderful pincushion to go with her machine.

Lucie chose the butterfly design from Pretty Pincushions by Stitch Soup and it is adorable!

Each pincushion is created in a single hooping. After stitching, simply cut it out, turn it right side out, stuff it, and close the small turning opening to complete.

This practical project doubles as a sewing caddy. The pincushion has a flat, weighted base so it stands up straight. It includes a little pocket for small accessories, a strip of lace or ribbon for clips, and a nifty handle to tote it over to your machine or favorite chair.

Lucie added a pair of scissors for a wonderful gift that is certain to become a family heirloom! These would also make nice gifts for sewing friends and are a great way to use up scraps of fabric and trims. Just change the embroidery thread colors to match your fabrics.

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