Use a Seam Ripper for Removal

I have found a quick and easy way to remove stabilizer without scissors. Use a seam ripper!

Find a seam ripper with a substantial head and handle. The teeny, tiny ones that come in a sewing kit don’t work as well.

  • If adhesive sprays were used on the fabric attached to the stabilizer, pull the fabric away from the stabilizer before using the seam ripper.
  • Clip a path into the stabilizer close to the embroidery edge to give the seam ripper a place to start.
  • Hold stabilizer taut with one hand and use the seam ripper with the other.
  • Make sure the prong with the red ball is down. It lets the seam ripper glide and prevents cutting into the fabric.
  • Be careful to not cut the edges of the embroidery stitches with the seam ripper. (If you do, a dab of fabric glue will help keep them from fraying.)
  • This technique works well on most any stabilizer with the exception of those with adhesive on one side.
  • The cutting edge of the seam ripper may gum up from adhesive sprays or even dry water soluble stabilizers. If so, use a non-acetone nail polish remover to wipe it away.