Rewinding Mistakes

Winding bobbins can get tricky. Whether you are stitching projects like outline quilting or  freestanding lace, that require the same color thread in the bobbin as that with which you are stitching, or using standard bobbin thread, mishaps do occur. This is a quick fix for those times when bobbin winding gets out of control. Just rewind it!

Sometimes, when we are not paying complete attention, the thread can jump from the tension disc while rewinding. The result is a lumpy mess that will do nothing but wreak havoc with your embroidery.

You could unwind the bobbin and throw out the thread or you can wind it on a new bobbin.

Place the lumpy bobbin on the upright spool pin, just as you would when winding a bobbin from a spool of thread. Run the thread through the same path, tension disc, and thread guide. Attach the thread to an empty bobbin and start winding.

The new bobbin is much more uniform and will be less of  a problem with no waste!