Quick, In-the-Hoop Easter Treat Bag

Grab your scraps. There is still time to stitch up this adorable Easter treat bag. Get the design now, even if you don’t have time, and you can make them for next year. They would be so cute for each place setting at the table, and couldn’t be easier to make!

The In-the-Hoop Hoppity Pocket by Embroidery Weekly is so adorable, you will want to stitch up a bunch for last-minute gifts. Fortunately, they are easy to make and take very little time!

I used flannel for mine and turned the plaid on a diagonal for added interest.

This project stitches up in the freestanding applique technique. Tear-away stabilizer was recommended, but I have better results with projects such as this when I use a fabric-type water-soluble stabilizer.

The placement stitches show where the bunny fabric goes in the hoop. After trimming the fabric close to the tack-down stitch, the face embroiders next.

I embroidered names on the pocket flannel and then folded the pocket in half with the fold at the top. There are two very tiny stitches on each side of the bunny that show you where to line up the top of the pocket.

Turn the hoop over, then secure batting/wadding on the back of the stabilizer. Cover it with another piece of flannel, right side up, for the back of the bunny. Painter’s tape isn’t pretty, but it keeps the two layers in place.

After the tack-down for the back, trim everything to the stitch line on the back

and on the front. Load your bobbin with the same thread with which you are stitching the border.

When embroidery is finished, carefully trim the stabilizer close to the satin stitching and use a wet cloth to remove the rest. Fill it with treats, cash, or a gift card and enjoy!